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Voici quelques articles issus de la presse en général ainsi que de la presse professionnelle sur les propriétés et les applications des surfaces Antimicrobial Copper.

  • Man's Oldest Metal Now Has Its Day

    Foundry Trade Journal, 2pp, January/February 2011

    Article in Foundry Trade Journal on the history and science behind antimicrobial copper, novel casting techniques that achieve near-net-shape whilst reducing material content, and healthcare facilities already implementing antimicrobial copper items to help reduce infection.


  • Copper - Keeping Disease Away

    Copper Architecture Forum, Issue 29, 2pp, October 2010

    Article by Angela Vessey, Copper Development Association, UK, discussing the ways in which architects are harnessing copper's antimicrobial properties to provide an additional infection prevention measure in contemporary healthcare builds.

  • 'Halo Effect' Discovered for Antimicrobial Copper

    Inside Hospitals, 1pp, October 2010

    Article in Inside Hospitals journal reporting on the results of a pilot study at an out-patient clinic in the US.  As well as reducing microbial contamination by 90%, antimicrobial copper surfaces extend a 'halo effect' to nearby non-copper surfaces, also reducing their contamination levels.

  • A Touching Development

    Public Service Review: Health. 2pp, July 2010.

    CDA article by Angela Vessey published in Public Service Review: Health, covering the latest clinical trial data from around the world and news of the first hospitals adopting Antimicrobial Copper.

  • Kills Germs Fast!

    HIP! Magazine. 2pp, November 2009.

    An article written by Celia Matthews of HIP! Magazine after seeing a presentation regarding antimicrobial copper at the 2009 Annual Bathroom Conference. It discusses the use of uncoated copper alloy products for bathroom and medical applications to help combat the threat of modern 'superbugs'.

  • Fighting Germs with Hygienic Copper Surfaces

    Cleaning and Hygiene Today. 1pp, November 2009.

    CDA article by Angela Vessey in Cleaning and Hygiene Today explaining why brass door handles are making a comeback in hospitals as antimicrobial copper alloys are introduced to help fight infection.

  • Antimicrobial Copper

    Sustainable FM. 1pp, November/December 2009.

    CDA article published in Sustainable FM covering the return of copper alloys to hygienic environments and the sustainable credentials that make the red metal so green.

  • Precious Metal

    Public Sector Review. 2pp, July 2009.

    CDA UK article by Angela Vessey published in Public Service Review, Health 20, describing how an old school fixture is providing a new handle on infection control.

  • Beautiful and Green

    Ecostructure magazine. 3pp, 2009.

    Article by David L Hunt in Eco-structure magazine on the advantage of copper's antimicrobial properties in HVAC systems.

  • Clinical Uses of Copper

    Cleanroom Technology. 4pp, June 2007.

    CDA article by Angela Vessey in Cleanroom Technology magazine on the potential use of copper and copper alloys for hygienic healthcare touch surfaces.


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