Antimicrobial Copper

Ochiai Clinic, Japan

In Japan, the Ochiai Clinic for fever patients has undergone an Antimicrobial Copper fit-out including brass wall and worktop cladding and door furniture. Ken Takahashi, the avant garde architect-designer, combined art with science in his design concept - exploiting the inherent bug-killing properties of a warm, golden copper alloy.

Located in Urayasu City, Chiba in Japan, the Ochiai Clinic marked a world first in Antimicrobial Copper implementation.  Taking advantage of its relocation from another site, the clinic introduced brass-clad walls (brass being a copper alloy that benefits from its antimicrobial properties) with a view to reducing healthcare associated infections.

As Ochiai is a fever clinic, it was felt that coughs and sneezes may prove a particular concern, with airborne particles settling on walls, door furniture and counters that could then be picked up by other individuals.  For this reason, in addition to the waiting room walls, door furniture and the reception counter were also specified in brass.

Architect Ken Takahashi was excited to work with the metal, both for its beauty and its contribution to reducing reservoirs of infection.  The clinic opened on October 26th 2009 to great acclaim from the architectural and infection prevention communities, and continues to draw attention for its unique look and very visible infection control measures.


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