Antimicrobial Copper

Copper and Public Health Conference, Athens

Eight presentations from the Hellenic Copper Development Centre organised Infection Control Event, Athens, 2008.

Athens Speakers

The first global congress on copper's role in fighting healthcare associated infections took place in Athens in November 2008. Leading scientists from around the world presented the scientific evidence supporting the case for incorporating copper surfaces into healthcare environments to help reduce the risk of infection and to protect public health.  Videos of all presentations are available - please follow the Session links below.

The conference featured international experts from the UK, US, Germany and Greece, representing the disciplines of infection control, pathology, microbiology, hospital design, metallurgy and engineering.

Presentations covered the problem of hospital-acquired infections - the organisms and the number of infections and deaths, the role of the environment in transmission of infection, the broad-spectrum antimicrobial efficacy of copper, the US EPA registration of copper as an antimicrobial material, practical considerations for producing copper products and architectural considerations for incorporating copper into hospital design.

One of the highlights of the conference was a live videolink to Professor Tom Elliott, who presented the first results from the Selly Oak clinical trial which showed that, on a busy medical ward, copper taps, toilet seats and door handles had 90-100% fewer micro-organisms on their surfaces than their controls.

SESSION 1 - Healthcare associated infections - the problem

SESSION 2 - Copper's role in fighting healthcare-associated infections - the science

SESSION 3 - Practical aspects of incorporating copper surfaces in the clinical environment


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