Antimicrobial Copper

Meeting Demand for Healthcare Products

Seven presentations from the UK supply chain update meeting for material suppliers, product manufacturers, product suppliers, healthcare contractors and architects, December 2009.

At the Healthcare Estates Annual Conference in Harrogate in October, there was a real buzz from the delegates about harnessing the antimicrobial efficacy of copper. NHS Estates teams and architects are starting to specify copper alloy items but some say they have found difficulty identifying suppliers.

The supply chain now needs to respond to this early demand and provide and market the required uncoated products. To bring all the key, engaged players from the supply chain together, Copper Development Association held a meeting for material suppliers, product manufacturers, product suppliers, healthcare contractors and architects to provide the latest information, a discussion forum plus an opportunity for networking. The venue was the BRE, Watford, and there were a series of presentations, an exhibition of antimicrobial copper products followed by a tour of the Willmott Dixon Healthcare Campus which features hygienic copper touch surfaces.


Welcome and Introduction [PDF 1639kB]
Angela Vessey, Director of Copper Development Association
An overview of the scientific evidence supporting the use of copper alloy touch surfaces to reduce contamination and therefore the risk of transmission of infection.

Market Status and Needs - Alloys and Products [PDF 2352kB]
Mark Tur, Copper Development Association
Drawing on the experience of the Selly Clinical Trial, an overview of the touch surface products

Sourcing Uncoated Copper Products - Experience of an Early Adopter [PDF 3013kB]
Mark Barker, Regional Director, Race Cottam Architects
Product requirements, challenges in sourcing these for an NHS hospital refurbishment project plus suggestions on how to help specifiers.

Requirements of the Greek Market [PDF 1112kB]
Nikolaos Vergopoulos, Director, Hellenic Copper Development Institute
Status of the antimicrobial programme in Greece, need for UK suppliers via Greek importers to meet the requirements of hospital specifications under development.

Antimicrobial Efficacy Testing [PDF 880kB]
Emma Goode, Project Technician, University of Southampton
The importance of appropriate test protocols (where conditions match those of intended use), JISZ2801 vs Keevil protocol, EPA test protocols, copper vs silver results, facilities at Southampton for efficacy testing.

Healthcare Campus of the Future [PDF 1455kB]
Philip Turley, Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd
An overview of a top-10 healthcare contractor's vision of sustainable healthcare construction which includes antimicrobial copper touch surfaces.

Routes to Market [PDF 63kB]
Chris Dyke, Connectivity Director, Medilink West Midlands
Chris was unable to attend the meeting but has made his presentation available for information.


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