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Antimicrobial Copper Touch Surfaces - Reducing the Risk of Infection from the Environment

Presentation delivered at XXVIII Seminario de Ingeniería Hospitalaria, Malaga, Spain in October 2010.

There is now no doubt that copper and copper alloys possess the strongest antimicrobial efficacy of all common materials under normal indoor conditions. This has been demonstrated both in the laboratory and, more pertinently, at a set of eight geographically diverse clinical trials. The latest results, from Chile, and new experiences from other trials will be reported here.

There is general acceptance that high environmental bioburden will tend to increase infections but the case has, perhaps surprisingly, to be proven. In 2010 the UK Department of Health (DH) turned the spotlight on the influence of the environment on the incidence of infection. However, DH estimate that a sample of many thousand "beds" would be required to test such a hypothesis for a single intervention; clearly unrealistic in a dynamic hospital situation. A selected review of the existing evidence will be presented.

In the UK, there have been a small number of early adopters of Antimicrobial Copper and a case study will be presented of one such specialist unit, the brief being "to set the gold standard for infection control". This will work through conception, choice, installation and use to maintenance.

In order to support the understanding and deployment of copper alloys, a technology-rich website has been developed to act as a worldwide resource. This will be introduced and key areas for Infection Control and Estates Teams will be highlighted.

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