Find Antimicrobial Copper Products

With over 500 antimicrobial copper alloys registered with the U.S. EPA, there is certainly an antimicrobial copper option to meet the demanding needs of your application. See here for the full list of registered alloy compositions.

Case Studies

Mass transit

In February 2014 over 50 water bottle filling stations made from antimicrobial copper can be found throughout the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. 

Medical and healthcare

High-Use Areas Throughout Hospital Receive Healthy Makeover with Antimicrobial Copper

Antimicrobial Copper Deployed on Transit Surfaces in Vancouver, B.C.

Copper Alliance member Teck Resources has launched a partnership with TransLink, Vancouver Coastal Health and other partners to pilot the use of antimicrobial copper on high-touch transit surfaces on buses and SkyTrain car in Vancouver, B.C.

Proper Use and Care Webinar

Curious on how to properly maintain your copper touch surfaces? Let Adam Estelle of CDA tell you how!

After viewing this webinar, participants will understand how to care for and maintain antimicrobial copper products, and how these continuously active surfaces can supplement standard infection control practices.  Learning objectives include:

  • Discover what antimicrobial copper materials are and how they are used
  • Learn about the rigorous efficacy testing, EPA public health registration and registered claims
  • Understand that antimicrobial copper surfaces are a supplement to and not a substitute for standard infection control practices
  • Learn how to clean and care for antimicrobial copper surfaces
  • Review a case study from a hospital that has installed antimicrobial copper surfaces