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Selected as the "2014 Patient Safety Challenge Winner",  Pullman Regional Hospital in Washington State has incorporated a variety of antimicrobial copper products throughout their facility.  Scroll down to see all the beautiful images.


Pullman Region Hospital Main

Located in Washington State, Pullman Regional, is an innovative center taking advantage of copper touch surfaces


Person B

Scott Adams, CEO of Pullman Regional, is proud to offer his patients the highest level of protection


Copper Sink Handles

Staff member scrubs clean from sink with faucet handles made of copper


Handwashing with Copper

Full image of the washing station which utilizes copper on its high touch point

Copper Door Switch

Hospital's automatic door activation buttons are frequently touched but rarely washed


Copper Cabinet Pull

The entire cabinet does not need to be made of copper to be effective against bacteria, only the highly touched handles


Copper Cabinet Install

A Pullman Regional employee inspects and cleans the cabinet pull before installation


Person A

Ed Harrich, Director of Surgical Services, is pleased to see copper surfaces throughout his facility


Person C

Jeannie Eylar, R.N, Chief Clinical Officer was excited to hear that Pullman Region was a finalist for the 'Patient Safety Challenge'


Copper IV Pole II

IV poles are not only frequently touched but also move constantly throughout a facility, luckily this one has a copper handle


Copper IV Pole

A Pullman Regional staff member touches the copper handle while transporting this IV Pole


Copper IV Pole Bar

This copper IV pole handle will kill the 99.9% of the bacteria that lands on its surface